Constitution of CAPSM

  1. AIMS AND FUNCTIONS: To foster the development of electron microscopy in all its aspects by supporting existing activities and stimulating new ones. In general the Committee should work through the member E.M. societies or organizations and in cooperation with The International Federation of Societies for Microscopy. The Committee shall function as an information centre and as a coordinator and promoter of specialized activities. In particular, there aims shall be pursued by:
    1. coordinating the arrangements for future regional conference, schools, symposia, workshops and other activities;
    2. supporting and initiating specialized meetings, symposia and workshops;
    3. facilitating the attendance of scientists, particularly the young, at such meetings;
    4. promoting the particular regional needs for the training of technical staff;
    5. fostering the interchange of information.
  2. COMPOSITION: One representative of the organisation (Society) of every member wishing to join this Committee and situated in the geographic area of the Asia-Pacific region in the broad sense
  3. OFFICE BEARERS: President, General Secretary, Treasurer and Two Executive members are elected for four years, by a meeting of member representatives at an Asia-Pacific meeting, and shall take office on January 1 of the following year or earlier by mutual agreement. The former President automatically becomes the Vice-President. The executive is to include the President, the Vice-President, the General Secretary, the Treasurer, two executive members, the organizer of the previous APMC meeting and the organizer of the next APMC meeting.
  4. MEETINGS: Meetings of the member representatives are held at the time of the International E.M. Congress and of the Asia-Pacific Conference. Observers may attend with the agreement of the Committee.
  5. VOTINGS: In the meeting of the member representatives, each representative including the President and General Secretary if they are member representatives has one vote. In the event of votes being equal in number the President has the deciding vote, whether or not the President is a member representative.
  6. FINANCIAL REPORT AND FUTURE BUDGET: shall be presented by the General Secretary to each meeting of representatives.
  7. FINANCIAL AND LEGAL LIABILITY: The Committee shall not have the power to commit its constituent members to any act or policy involving them in financial or legal liability.

The items which are not listed here should be consulted to the IFSM constitution.

1st September, 1986
Amended 3rd August, 1992
Amended 10th June, 2004
Amended 6th November, 2008
Amended 28th February, 2022